As a longtime cyclist and endurance athlete and knowledgable fan of the sport, deep down I (and people like me) knew what we were seeing with Postal/Discovery wasn’t real. The speed in those Tours was unnaturally high and he was always surrounded by teammates. The other times we had seen that kind of dominance in the sport doping made it happen. Every time. Yet I, and people like me, didn’t call bullshit on it and stop watching all of those Tours and other races during the Armstrong years or, more importantly, didn’t stop buying the cycling rags. I defended Armstrong because he (supposedly at the time) passed every test and, while cheating in sport isn’t surprising, I just couldn’t fathom him lying to all of those cancer patients. I simply didn’t want to believe that he could risk crushing the hope of some kid suffering through chemo. I’m not saying its the fans fault but pro sports only exist because of the fans. I absolutely share some blame in enabling the last 15 years of lies.