Sure, Assad is a very, very bad guy.  But, unfortunately, he’s been our bad guy for a long time. (  

Now the administration wants to bring us into another war.  (Yes, Obama and Kerry say “a limited engagement”.  Sending cruise missiles and drones to destroy a country really is an act or war, right?)

Can we at least consider a few established points before we allow Obama to leap?

1. It is not known who carried out the sarin gas attack last week. There’s credible evidence that Saudi Arabia supplied the rebels with the chemical weapons and that is was the rebels who carried out the attack. (

2. The rebels have a recent history (last April) of using sarin gas (

3. Who are the rebels?  Yep, Al Qaeda. So, now we’re Al Qaeda’s air force?  (

4. Perhaps we should go after the country who supplied the gas in the first place.  Ooops – it was the UK! (  Double oops – and Saudi Arabia! (see again:

Yes, it appears that sarin was used.  No, it’s not close to a “slam dunk” who used it.  We can’t afford the cost of another war and we can’t afford the blowback from invading yet another middle eastern country.